We can't carry out our mission without you! Your generous donations and support will help us grow. Find out the variety of ways you can help!

1. Make a Donation

Donations are critical in allowing us to provide as much support and service to the community as possible, as well as helping us grow the organization. Donations can come in many forms. Please consider the following options for supporting us:

2. Volunteerism

As we continue to grow, the opportunities to volunteer your time will continue to grow. Please keep an eye on the events page or our Facebook page to see current opportunities. Future opportunities will likely include: Shopping for Adopt-a-family gifts/meals, Planning/Organizing local events, Staffing a booth at local events, Trail Guides, etc.

3. Spread the Word

Because we are still a small and growing charity, one of the biggest ways that you can help is to get the word out! Follow us on our different social media channels, Like our Posts, share event details with others, and wear our apparel around town. We want to reach as many people in the community as possible to create the largest impact that we can.